Leslie Welcome

Hello Everyone,

So much has happened this last year and I am excited about opportunities in 2015. Woo hoo!

We’re gearing up for CUBA —  A music/art  exchange with that culturally rich country – featuring guitarist Brian Nova, pianist Lawrence Hobgood and bass player, my awesome producer Terry Miller.  We’ll donate costumes and other supplies to a children’s theatre group there.  What a fascinating time to be in Cuba!

Here’s a quick re-cap of 2014. We released the “Leslie” CD and recently distributed the album worldwide on Access Music Records, which would not have been possible without the help and support of Terry Miller Productions. We launched the new Leslie website to make it easier to listen to our music and purchase songs digitally via iTunes and Amazon. We’ve added many more features to the website so I can stay in touch with our fans through my blog and social networks. (Thanks so much for reaching out to me.  My goal is to touch people through music, and with out you, the listener, what would be the point.) We added a photo gallery on the homepage (with music) and will soon be adding videos. We also have an easy way to order a physical CD online via a sign-up form or the old fashioned way by mailing a check.

We had lots of meets and greets around the San Francisco Bay Area and it was a pleasure to hear from folks. Thanks for reaching out and for all the encouragement.

Special Thanks: I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people in my life that made this CD/Album possible. My go-to girls “The Women’s Spirituality Group“, who help me keep things in perspective. My fellow board members at the “Terry’s Kids Foundation” for bringing music and art to kids of all ages, and their support and encouragement of my music. My parents, sisters, and family, that laugh with (and at) me. My husband and sons who are the lights of my life. The musicians who played on the “Leslie” CD, who put goosebumps on my arms with their sound. My amazing producer Terry Miller, a friend who became the brother I never had. Thank you Terry for pushing and believing in me.

The “Leslie” album is now available digitally on Amazon and iTunes, so I hope you will stop by one of the online stores and post a review if you already have the CD, or choose your favorite songs and download them to your computer, tablet, phone, or mp3 player.

Much love to all!


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