Leslie Girl Power - Message and Music

Girl Power Message and Music is a 5 session program for 6-12th grade girls that seeks to build self esteem and a strong sense of community.  Through art, writing, games, music and discussion, girls look at questions like:  What’s the difference between being kind and being good?  What is a positive sum game?  (That’s when we all succeed and our success doesn’t diminish that of others!)

The girls write from prompts like:  I’m so glad I’m not Barbie.  We examine body image, friendships among other topics.  We write a Sister Code.

One of the strengths of GirPower Message and Music is the aunties – a group of women from 40-90 who share in their girls’ discussion.

Girls really love the Question Box and the question ball. Ask us about that!

GirlPower goes into schools, community centers, YWCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches and other organizations.  It is a subsidiary of Terry’s Kids and Philanthropic Ventures Foundation.

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