Crazy life – full of dichotomies

I think this typifies my existence for any of those who are interested — yesterday I cleaned out my closet. I’m very lucky to have lots of sparkly sequine-y dresses, so I hung those up.  Then I drove to the Transfer Station (aka the dump) in my Ford F “one-fitty”  and dropped off a load that could not be re-used or recycled. I was the only female there in the lovely stinky place.  Then my son and I worked on a “water recycling” barrel (to counterbalance the use of the Ford F 150 and our drought here in CA)

Other dichotomy — lucky me, I had an audition with two awesome composers for a you tube they’re producing of a wonderful song. Did my best to spiffy myself up. Went to the audition. They were really complimentary and even offered me a session fee for my time.  Feeling great as I walked out the door. Then got in my car and checked my rearview mirror to see a booger the size of a cricket hanging from my nose.  Wow. I am so fancy.  Such is the life of a sequined singer.