Crazy Juxtapositions is a part of the blog where I share with you the strange combination that is my life – It is just weird observations that make me go…hmmm.   As you can see in the picture, I am wearing a crazy fancy dress (about which my mom (very direct always) teases, “Gosh, Les. Are you going to your prom?”  and I’m sitting near a cyclone fence.  I feel this is a metaphor for the world sometimes.  The cyclone fence representing hardships that are around us, the fancy dress representing the fun, joyful things that are around us too.  I am struck by the strange dichotomy in life.  How can there be so much suffering — Ferguson, Syria, a homeless shelter filled with sweet babies near my home, and at the same time so much joy – little girls dancing in tutus during church, our sons being incredibly crude and cracking me up…beautiful music, dissonant sounds of sirens.  We’re all in this together – as  Ashley Judd writes in her beautiful book, in the bitter and the sweet – or as Roxy Music sang so long ago, “and the paper today tells of war and nuke waste and you turn it right over to the tv page.” How can we exist in this tension — this Crazy Juxtaposition?