Amazing Authors – Songs and Stories to Benefit Terry’s Kids

 It was an honor share the stage with incredibly talented authors last Monday night.  Colleen Weems (The Ifs) Elizabeth Perlman (The Intuitive Writing Project), and Ariele Taylor set my heart on fire with their wit, vulnerability and creativity.  In addition, Julio Reyes graced the stage with his guitar. Elizabeth Becker blew us away with her rendition of “On My Own.”  It was all with the amazing support of incredible pianist Bob Athayde.  We made over 1200 bucks for Terry’s Kids – a non profit foundation that provides music education to underserved kids!! Thanks to everyone who came out. In addition, thanks to fantastic friends who served Mojitos! xoxoxox  Mark Bell did this super fun poster! If you can’t see it, it reads, “We’ll make your ears smile.”  I think we did!